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Local 291 Carpenters Union

Training, educating, and representing the next generation of skilled construction professionals.

Carpenters Local #291 provides its members with the best training available and contractors with the best carpenters the industry has to offer. We are dedicated to providing the safest, most productive and highly trained carpenters. We are a 1600 member strong Local and are part of North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters which represents over 30,000 fellow members in New York and New England. With our extensive training, productivity, political activism and organizing efforts our mission is to achieve an ever increasing market share in our industry and to increase man hours so we can continue to provide our Brothers and Sisters, and their families with health and pension benefits and an honest living wage. We are committed to assisting our neighbors and community to promote our organization collectively and individually. to promote a safe and sustainable standard of living for all.

We provide unmatched support for our members, highly skilled tradespeople for our contractors, and leadership for the industry

Current Members

Be an active and educated member to take advantage of all of the rewards of your union membership.


Union carpenters and union contractors are the most important joint venture in the construction industry. Let’s continue to grow together.

Prospective Members

Discover our union and your opportunities, whether you already work at the trade or want to learn as an apprentice.

Upcoming Training

carpentry journeyman training courses

The Future is in Your Hands

Our hands-on classes cover a wide range of carpentry skills, general knowledge, and certifications, as well as safety. Whether you are an apprentice or a journeyman, these classes will help you advance your career and keep your skills current as the construction industry changes. Our training helps members advance on the job site, and even sets the stage for you to establish your own Union contracting company some day.