Welcome to the Carpenters Local #291 Website. Our mission is to provide our members with the best training available and our contractors with the best Carpenters the industry has to offer. Carpenters Local #291 is dedicated to providing the safest, most productive and most highly trained Carpenters available. We are a 1600 member strong Local and are part of North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters which represents over 30,000 fellow members in New York and New England. With our extensive training, productivity, political activism and organizing efforts our mission is to achieve an ever increasing market share in our industry and to increase man hours so we can continue to provide our Brothers and Sisters and their families with health and pension benefits and an honest living wage. We are also committed to assisting our neighbors and community to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for young and old alike. From our sacred oath we swear to help one another and to strive to promote our organization collectively and individually.