Member Union Participation FAQs

1. How many dates will I be scheduled?
Each member will be assessed up to two days per calendar year.

2. Why do you send me set dates?
Assigning dates to all members helps to insure a strong showing of members at each activity.

3. How is my date determined?
The members are chosen randomly for set dates by a computer program.

4. How long will I have to participate in each event?
The time depends on the location and purpose of the activity.  It typically will be 2 hours.

5. When and where do I call to get information for the location?
You will call the designated hotline number, which is located on your letter, the night before your scheduled activity.

6. What do I do if I’m late?
You must give yourself ample time to arrive before the activity starts, otherwise, you will have to reschedule your participation date.

7. I missed my date, can I make it up?
Absolutely, please call the hotline for the next available location and be sure to sign in and get a receipt at the line.

8. What if it rains/snows?
Weather will be taken into consideration and we will do our best to reschedule or cancel the night before, otherwise, show up at the location to get credit for the day.

9. Can I serve my Participation when out of work and get credit for it?
Absolutely, just call your Local’s hotline for the location and be sure to sign in and get a receipt.

10. Can someone else stand in for me?
You can ask another member of the council to substitute for you. However, if that person fails to participate, the originally assigned member shall be subject to an assessment if the date is not made up.

11. Is anyone excused from participating?
Retirees and contractors are excused from participation.

12. Am I required to participate in events that are a long distance from my home?
Council members can participate in any action throughout the Council, not just in their home local’s jurisdiction and receive credit for the day.

13. Is volunteering acceptable credit for my Participation?
Yes, upon approval of the Council/Local, you may get credit for your participation for volunteering in local community activities.

14. What happens if I don’t participate at all?
Any member who fails to participate is subject to a dues assessment per offense and possible suspension from membership as per the Council By-Laws.

15. Why do I have to participate?
As a member you have certain obligations to your union and we need the cooperation of all members to show our unity, build our market share, and strengthen the union.

16. Where is the assessment money taken from?
The money is not assessed until the following year (if you do not participate) and levied against your ULTRA (dues) account, which must be paid by April 15th of the same year of the assessment.  Payment must be made to this assessment before any dues payments will be accepted.